The Wonderful World of Water by Sarah Garré, Marijke Huysmans & Wendy Panders

Where does water come from? How does it affect the weather? How does it come out of the tap?
The Wonderful World of Water delves into the mechanics behind cloud formation, water wells found deep underground, everything connected to the seas and oceans, and so much more. A fantastic voyage of discovery within its pages as the reader jumps from life in the rain forest to what happens when crops are growing and everything in-between.
Informative and thorough, this accessible non-fiction picture book on the factual element of water and its part in our world is a must-have for every school, library and book shelf. Alongside the excellent text from authors, Professor Sarah Garré and Professor Marijke Huysmans, the clear and bright illustrations by Wendy Panders ensure the reader is fully immersed with all the detail and facts they need.

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