You Choose: In Space

You Choose In SpaceYou Choose In Space is the exciting follow up to the hugely successfully You Choose picture book which fired up imaginations everywhere.

Pippa Goodhart and Nick Sharratt have done it again, encouraging little readers to zoom into space… with exciting results.

Let’s begin with those imaginative endpapers – chock-a-block full of wonderful phrases, hinting at the adventures this book can take you on… ‘find a pelisnake,’ ‘eat space crickets’, ‘find flying space dragons’

‘We’re off on an amazing trip. Choose a job aboard the ship.’

The opening page sets up the adventure, and immediately engages the reader in the action. Sharratt’s mind mindbogglingly detailed illustrations provide plenty of enticing options.

With each turn of the page, Goodhart’s narrative encourages us to delve further into our adventure – look at the planets, choose some clothes (don’t forget a cool hairstyle!), explore the planet, try some new food… so many possibilities!

The very nature of You Choose In Space means that no two readings will ever be the same. Sharratt’s illustrations are immediately eye catching, drawing in the reader and immersing them in their own adventure.

You Choose In Space is an absolute joy!


Pippa Goodhart
Nick Sharratt

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