The Boy, the Witch and the Queen of Scots by Barbara Henderson

When 12 year-old Alexander is sent to work at the court of Mary Queen of Scots, he soon finds himself lured into a world of intrigue, terror and treachery. Having no option but to obey or heed the wrath from a cloak-wearing menace that follows his every move, he is tasked with learning the secret movements of the young Queen as she settles in to her new home and role in Scotland and revealing her plans to those that challenge her to the throne.

With the Reformation bubbling on the horizon, Alexander has to outwit his enemies and save his life and those around him. The Queen’s seamstress and his best friend, Lizzie, joins him as he courageously fights those who threaten everything he has ever known as he tries to obey his Queen, keep his remaining family safe and somehow survive the Battle of Corriche.

Faced with an unimaginable decision – Will he spy? Or will he die?

Barbara Henderson’s latest historical novel ‘ The Boy, the Witch & The Queen of Scots’ is a superb fictional insight, with informative facts woven seamlessly throughout, of Mary, Queen of Scots’ initial welcome to Scotland amid the rumblings of religious change. The battle that commences under her orders and the palace staff and beyond, like Alexander and Lizzie, are embroiled in life or death scenarios which are expertly brought to life for the reader.

A fast-paced historical account of the challenges faced at the time told through the eyes of a young boy, this novel should be in every classroom and beyond. With a superb cover by A R Turnbull and brilliant illustrations by Deborah Spence, this incredible story deserves a place on every bookshelf.

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