The Case of the Chaos Monster by Patrice Lawrence

When the music stops, deadly creatures begin to stir.


Change is coming and The Elemental Spirits are unsettled. Dragons, Fumis, Chads and Magogs scurry and fret within their realms amid the signs of a new enemy.


London grows still as orchestras explode, whistlers are silenced and the streets of London become eerily quiet. A note-free city means only one thing – chaos!


With The Elemental Detectives, Robert and Marisee, back together and on the case, a web of twists and turns awaits them as they encounter the music-gobbling villain and its spies responsible for the silence across the Thames. From Soho to the Isle of Dogs, the intrepid duo must summon all their courage as they hunt the monster that lies in wait.


The second book in The Elemental Detectives series ‘The Case of the Chaos Monster’, written by the fantastic Patrice Lawrence, is a goosebump-inducing page turner featuring daring escapes, fast-paced tension and incredible courage. Are you brave enough to leap into Robert and Marisee’s world to join them on their quest? With brilliant cover artwork by Paul Kelllam, we are treated once more to a fantastic nail-biting story for budding detectives of all ages.


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