Patrice Lawrence’s Orangeboy is about a sixteen-year-old boy called Marlon. When he was younger, his older brother Andre went down the wrong path, a path that Marlon swore to his mum never to take. When a date ends in disaster, Marlon is left to pick up the pieces and in serious danger. They want Mr. Orange; and they will stop at nothing to get what they want. He is being hunted by gangs and is breaking his mother’s trust the more he tries to help. He swore not to, but what if he has to? Marlon has to decide how far he will go to save the ones he loves, whether they remember you or not.

“Not cool enough, not clever enough, not street enough for anyone to notice me. I was the kid people looked straight through. Not anymore. Not since Mr. Orange.”

“Don’t admit, don’t deny, shut your mouth like the FBI”

I think this book is a great reminder that sometimes you must be brave to protect the ones you love. It has mysteries, friendship and parts that might even make you feel a tingling in your eye. Overall, this is a great book that I would definitely read again.

Winner of the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize for Older Children, 2017.


Patrice Lawrence

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