Can You Find My Eid Presents? by A.M.Dassu & Junissa Bianda



It’s the night before Eid and preparations for Hana’s favourite celebration are fully underway. There are cakes to be iced, a feast to be cooked, and special clothes to be ironed…but, with so much to do, it’s all hands on deck and Hana has been entrusted with a job of her own – to take all the Eid presents to her Nani’s house, where the family will come together the following day.


But when the gifts aren’t where they’re supposed to be, Hana worries Eid will be ruined…unless she can find them. With the help of her cute cat companion, Hana searches all over the house and garden for the missing gifts.

Junissa’s brilliant illustrations really come into play in this gentle search and find book. They are full of gorgeous details and filled with many shiny, colourful things peeking out from under beds and inside wardrobes that might just be the misplaced presents.

But when they inevitably turn out to be everything BUT the presents – Mummy’s fancy Eid shoes, beautiful gift wrap, and even her baby brother’s toys, poor Hana being to lose hope.
















After all, she’s searched for so long, upstairs and downstairs and inside and outside, that the sun has set and time is running out!

With plenty of visual interest and a lovely, heart-warming conclusion, A.M. Dassu & Junissa Bianda have created a beautiful story that brings the excitement of Eid into the homes of little readers. It would make a brilliant present too – just make sure you don’t lose it before the big day!


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