Breaking Down The Wall by Maximillian Jones

It’s 1989 and East Berlin is not where Greta wants to be. She’d much rather be back in the west with her extended family but with her dad in prison and her mum hanging on by a thread, she promises to keep trouble away from their door.

When new girl Lili comes into her life, Greta finds herself defying her mum and becoming embroiled in demonstrations, creating leaflets denouncing the authorities and so much more. Caught and questioned by those who jailed her dad, she is let go but has no option but to live in relative silence when all she wants is to shout for change.

She soon realises that the allies in her life are not who they say they are and are sneaking information about her and her mum back to those that mean them harm. If her dad is to be freed from his cell then she must play by their rules. Greta and her friends have no intention of doing that.

With the Berlin Wall about to fall, Greta is running out of time to save her dad, assert her stance in society in order to bring peace to those she loves.

Co-authors James Horrocks and Wibke Bruggeman (under pseudonym Maximillian Jones) have created a superb, fast-paced novel about the demise of the Berlin Wall and those that lived on both sides through those troubling yet freeing times for many. A brilliant insight into life on the streets during that monumental time in history, Breaking Down the Wall is a sobering fictional take on factual elements of the wall that resonate around the world to this day. Thy Bui’s striking cover design adds to the incredible story within – a must-read for all.


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