Dinosaur Pie by Jen Wallace




When Rory eats dinosaur pie for dinner, he has no idea that he will wake up the next morning as an ACTUAL dinosaur. He tries everything to turn himself back into a human but nothing seems to work, his long tail keeps knocking things over and he can’t brush his teeth without eating his toothbrush! His new craving for sausages takes him on all sorts of adventures with very different reactions from those he meets along the way.

With the help of his friends, Oleg, Daria and Lex, they search high and low for a cure in the hope he can soon turn back into human form. He longs to be back in his body so he can play outside with friends and use a controller for his game console! He had no idea being a dinosaur was such hard work.


Will he be stuck as a dinosaur forever? Will he ever stop eating sausages? Can he get his human body back with fingers and toes instead of claws?

Formidable creative duo, writer Jen Wallace and illustrator Alan O’Rourke, have brought Rory’s predicament to life in this fantastic novel for younger readers – ‘Dinosaur Pie’. Jen’s neurodiverse characters go on an adventure of a lifetime, cementing their friendship and learning to find their place in the world. A truly wonderful depiction of school and family life that celebrates difference.



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Jen writes stories and poetry, for both children and grown ups. She loves to write neurodivergent characters so people like her can see themselves in books. She lives by the sea with her family and their cats, goats, chickens and rabbit. Jen has wanted to be a writer since she was very small, although she also wanted to be a superhero, a firefighter and the President of Ireland.

















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