Tsunami Girl by Julian Sedgwick

When fifteen year-old Yūki Hara Jones and her beloved grandpa are caught in the 2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, her life is changed forever. Losing him that fateful day never leaves her and Yūki is drawn to the wreckage of the house as his restless spirit guides her back.


With her friend Taka by her side to help navigate the no longer familiar landscape, together they face their fears, fight the inevitable frustration and anger that comes with losing loved ones in such a tragic way but also steer their broken hearts through the guilt of surviving such a catastrophic event.


Returning to the desolate place she had once called home, Funayūrei (venegeful spirits) begin to surround them as they venture back into the no entry zone that was their peaceful village and ‘s now filled with radiation from the damage to the nuclear plant. In a race against time, she must find out what happened to her granpda, help his soul to rest and bring some peace to her heavy heart.


From the days leading up to the devastating event, the event itself and the aftermath, this novel is a fantastic part prose/part manga fictional depiction of the 2011 Pacific Coast natural disasters interwoven with some factual elements. A truly heart-warming and sobering read that delves into loss, grief and how we, as humans, learn to live without those we love.


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