We Are All Astronauts by Kate Pankhurst


Luna Scope is determined to be an astronaut. She has her spacesuit, helmet and rocket, and is ready to launch into orbit. With a few more training years ahead of her as she’s only seven, her granny helps her make sure she is ready to zoom into space when the time comes.


From black holes to shooting stars, We Are All Astronauts is a fantastic jam-packed fact-finding leap into the world of space and beyond. Detailing all the women who have traveled, flown and walked in space, the non-fiction elements of this informative read are tremendous. Each page is filled with information and advice for budding astronauts like Luna.


Written and illustrated by Kate Pankhurst, this fun picture book celebrates the achievements of those who have traveled into the skies before us all. Every child has the potential to be who they want to be and this brilliant story of empowerment and inclusion is a must-read for all.

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