The Boy Who Loves To Lick The Wind by Fiona Carswell & Yu Rong


This picture book’s intriguing title, coupled with Yu Rong’s dynamic artwork, immediately made made want to dip in to its seaside colours and learn more about the joyous moment splashed on the  cover.
The child narrator is curious about the boy who lives next door – an autistic boy who loves to lick the wind – and, naturally, he wants to know more.


This open curiosity, which often paves the way to wonderful discoveries, leads to a brilliant day at the beach – where the best winds are found.
The boy next door doesn’t always communicate with words, but his reassuring, supportive mother fills in the gaps. But only when necessary.  Because, through observation and play, the two boys find their own way to be together through the ups and downs of the day –  kicking, splashing, jumping, spinning, yelling…and licking the wind!
And this blossoming friendship, which is at the very heart of the book, is beautifully captured in the loose-limbed freedom of the expressive illustrations.


Inspired by her own experience of being a mother to her autistic son, author Fiona Carswell’s gorgeous storytelling is perfectly pitched for this comforting story. It’s a great big hug of a book that promotes kindness and empathy through great storytelling. And it invites readers to be curious and open to differences, just like the boy in the story. And, of course, it invites us to join in and lick the wind!










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