Astra Firestar and the Ripples of Time by Stuart White


When new girl, Astra Firestar, crash-lands into Sam’s class, his life is about to change forever. Little did he know that she wasn’t from his neck of the woods but a space-traveller who had veered a little of course.


It’s not every day a strange looking octopus lands in your classroom, and for Sam, this was his introduction to a world beyond anything he could ever imagine. Sam and Astra wrestle with the being and finally rescue it leaving a trail of destruction behind them.


Strangers seem to be everywhere he looks and it’s not long before Sam is tempted to reveal Astra’s whereabouts in return for a once in a lifetime opportunity to go back in time and save his brother. What price will he have to pay? It’s dangerous to change your past – who knows the effect this has on your future! Sam’s about to find out… would you like to join him as he travels through space and time in the hope of saving the only person he’s ever loved?


Stuart White has created a fantastic Dr Who-esque adventure that will have you on the edge of your seat as Sam tries to right some wrongs in his past. A brilliant story of friendship and the need to belong, Jen Jamieson’s illustrations bring the characters to life in this heartfelt story of one boy’s determination to be happy.


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