Wild Song by Candy Gourlay

It’s 1904, promises of a better world ring in Luki’s ears as she arrives in St Louis to take part in its World’s Fair. The land of opportunity awaits her and those from her tribe but all is not quite what it seems once they step onto dry land.
She seeks a better life, one where she could be true to herself rather than follow the expected path of being a wife and mother. A tradition most definitely bestowed on her if she’d stayed in her village. Luki knew there was more to life than that and she grabbed at the chance to seek adventure somewhere new. However, recreating her village life for the wealthy and privileged to ogle at in what can only be described as a human zoo, was not what she expected when she set sail from her home in the Philippines.
Racism and misogyny greet her at every corner as she tries her best to adjust to her new life. With the American/Philippines war barely over, tensions already run high between the Jefferson Guards and the Filipino soldiers who patrol the area.
Luki and her friends navigate their new life as best they can but it’s not long until the exploitation of those around her is clear to see. Should she stay in this unnerving land full of hatred towards her and her tribe or head back home?
‘Wild Song’ is a much anticipated companion book to the award-winning YA novel ‘Bone Talk’. Written by the wonderful Candy Gourlay with a stunning cover by Leo Nickolls, this incredible story not only highlights the plight of those displaced from their homes from the Philippines and all over the world but it also allows the reader a glimpse into the traditions and life Filipinos try to preserve for generations to come.

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