Spellcasters by Crystal Sung


What an unbelievable start to Jenny’s first day at Spellcroft High, in more ways than one!
Not only did she get swallowed by a sink hole and find herself underground in a creepy pit of despair, the new bracelet she’d just been given by her grandma begins to glow and emit a strange power.
In the darkness beside her, something has awoken.
Rescued and brought back to the surface by the magic from her bracelet, her world goes back to normal as if her trip below ground had never happened at all.
Her first day at secondary beckons and Jenny is determined to make new friends. It’s not until her music class are split into groups that she meets Maya, Tamzin and Anaya. Given the task of forming a band, they not only fall into sync with their musical abilities but they soon realise each of them has a different magical power.
The spirit Jenny had met that morning deep beneath the earth will rise again and she, and her friends, need to stop evil Graydig, one spell at a time. All Jenny needs is the courage to overcome her fears and learn to master her supernatural abilities before it’s too late!
A brilliant new series for readers aged 7+ from Crystal Sung, also known as writer, Tania Tay, is brought to life by fantastic illustrations by Wendy Tan. A superb story of friendship, acceptance and a little bit of magic along the way.

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