You’re Snug With Me

youresnugwithmeYou’re Snug With Me is beautiful. Poonam Mistry’s gorgeous cover illustrations invite you to touch and feel. You want to open up the pages and see what is hidden inside – and you aren’t disappointed.

Each page’s illustrations are detailed with intricate patterns in wonderful, wintry colours. The pictures are so fascinating it might be a while before you actually start reading the text – but when you do, it delivers a lovely story.

Over the course of a long Arctic winter, two baby polar bears are born (the size of guinea pigs!) and grow – and as they grow they start to question what is around them in the world outside that they have never seen.


Mama Bear explains patiently about the world of ice and sea and the sky beyond. The cubs are afraid of this expanding world, but Mama Bear comforts them and allows their confidence to grow until finally, it is time to explore outside for the first time. But she explains that although they are the biggest creatures on the ice, they must only take what they need.


Essentially this is a story about our planet and humanity’s responsibility to only take what we need – but this serious message is wrapped up in a nest of polar bear fur, with two baby cubs and their caring, wise mother. Chitra Soundar writes directly to the reader at the end of the book, encouraging them to be curious about their planet, in the way that the baby polar bears were so that we can look after the place we call home.

A beautiful book that would make a wonderful present for those who have a love for the environment or a passion for beautiful illustration.


Chitra Soundar
Poonam Mistry
Lantana Publishing

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