You’re Safe With Me

You're Safe With MeYou’re Safe With Me from Chitra Soundar and Poonam Mistry is the most beautifully illustrated, warm tale that we’ve come across in a long time.

“When the moon rose high

and the stars twinkled

it was bedtime for baby animals.”

…and so begins Soundar’s story. However all is not well when the night grows dark and stormy – such conditions make it hard for little ones to settle down. Mama Elephant comes by and sweeps them up, in to the comfort of her trunk – “You’re safe with me.”

Soundar’s uses onomatopoeia effectively to capture the strange, unsettling sounds made by the forest. But no matter whether it’s the wind, thunder, lightening or even the gurgling river Mama Elephant has a comforting explanation for the strange sounds coming from each of them – the wind is bringing seeds from far away, the lightening simply sparkles.

The gentle lilt to the narrative, the dialogue from the animals, and Mama Elephant’s comforting refrain make this a wonderfully gentle and reassuring bedtime tale, especially for those who find thunder and lightening frightening. You’re Safe With Me will provide them with a reassuring new perspective on mother nature at work.

And then. There are Poonam Mistry’s illustrations. Glory me! They are a sumptuous delight to behold. Each page is richly illustrated with delicate patterning featuring the animals from the forest – truly stunning!

You’re Safe With Me is a real treasure!


Chitra Soundar
Poonam Mistry
Lantana Publishing

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