Wrecked by Louisa Reid


Get ready for a high-speed, emotional rollercoaster of a ride when you start reading Louisa Reid’s brilliant YA book, Wrecked. Written in page-turning verse, and with the kind of fast-paced rhythm of its own that you don’t often get from YA books right now, Wrecked is about dysfunctional young couple, Joe Goodenough and Imogen Harris.

A woman has been killed in a car crash and both Joe and Imogen were in the car that did it. But who is really to blame?

As witnesses to this tragedy, we as readers are taken on a white-knuckle ride where we discover how Joe falls for Imogen, big time, and how he will do anything for her. And how he abandons his friends and family to be with her.

Joe and Immie are young, their relationship is intense and Joe doesn’t see – because his love is truly blind – how Immie begins to undermine his identity and confidence with her emotional blackmail, bad behaviour and constant betrayal of Joe’s trust.

The opposing characters of Joe and Immie are painted brilliantly by Louisa – Joe is the naive, in-love boy and Immie is the messed-up, needy girl. This pushes the plot forward at a heart-in-mouth pace so that, even thought the relationship problems start out small, eventually – when the car crash happens and someone dies – the real knives come out. And that’s because one of them is going to jail for driving the car.

But who will it be?

You’ll have to buy Wrecked and read it to find out. And I promise you, it will be well worth it.

This is an outstanding book!


Louisa Reid
Lousia Reid

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