Who’s Going to Bed? by Abie Longstaff & Eve Coy


What a fun and beautiful picture book Who’s Going to Bed? is! Abie Longstaff’s lyrical text and the soft and dreamy quality of Eve Coy’s illustrations make for a really stunning book.

It starts with the question…

‘The stars are out,
the moon is bright…
Who’s going to bed?’

Then it takes us on a journey, demonstrating that almost everyone is going to bed! The pirates have packed up their treasure and are settling down in their hammocks, while the teddies have finished their picnics and are cuddling up in their cottage.

But someone is NOT going to bed. A cheeky baby is off on an adventure, waking everyone else up in the process! But then he meets a very sleepy dragon who needs some peace and quiet. With help from the pirates and teddies, as well as animals, knights, a king and a queen, the baby must help the poor dragon get to bed.

Spoiler alert: the baby himself ends up all snuggled up… making this the perfect bedtime read, especially for cheeky babies!



Abie Longstaff
Eve Coy

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