Where The Wild Things Are

Where The Wild Things Are

A best-seller for years (count them – over 30!!!), Where The Wild Things Are is a classic picture book with memorable illustrations. It belongs in every child’s book corner.

After being sent to his room with out any supper, Max enters a magical make believe land … where the wild things are. I love the illustrations as his room transforms in to another land before he sails through a night and a day to become king of the wild things.

The wild things are comically drawn with huge eyes and features rendering them really quite harmless. The pages of the wild rumpus don’t even require text.

Where The Wild Things Are

Behind the simple text is a great storyline. Max takes out his anger on the monsters – “be still!”, they become friends, he returns to his bedroom to his supper after all – and it is “still hot” – he is much loved in the comfort of his own home.

Maurice Sendak’s Where The Wild Things Are is classic in the true sense of the word.


Maurice Sendak
Maurice Sendak
Penguin Random House

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