Where I Write: A Guest Post by Benjamin Dean

Benjamin Dean Credit Laura Gallant

Photo Credit Laura Gallant

We absolutely adore Benjamin Dean’s writing. His 2021 novel, Me, My Dad and the End of the Rainbow was an assured debut full of heart, warmth and family. His second book The Secret Sunshine Project will tug at your heartstrings before making you smile even wider. Guaranteed. And guess what?!! My Book Corner have been given a sneak peek into Benjamin Dean’s writing space. Oh yes! We ARE a nosy bunch at heart, and absolutely definitely could NOT turn down this opportunity. Come and join us…

So, here’s my desk, looking a little tidier than usual because I refuse to bring shame to my family by posting a picture of several finished coffee cups and blueberry muffin wrappers.

I waited eight weeks for that comfy desk chair, only to break the arm in less than a month because I sit like a pretzel throughout the day.

I have two screens for…literally no reason at all, I just like something bigger to work on! I have both my books in easy reach in case of an emergency.

Next to the books are smelly things from Diptyque – got to make sure your workspace has nice vibes!

I also have a stack of fancy tickets to see advanced screenings of films I was invited to when I was a celebrity reporter. It was always fun to see a movie before it came out, especially if you got to see the cast too. My favourite memory was calling Sandra Bullock by her character’s name in Miss Congeniality and bumping into Rihanna getting into a taxi when I left the Ocean’s 8 premiere. The glamour!

If I scoot over a little, there’s a lovely view from my desk, too. I find it helps to calm me and overcome any creative block I might be having.

But yes, this is my desk! I don’t tend to write anywhere else, so all my work is done here.


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