What a Wonderful World by Leisa Stewart-Sharpe & Lydia Hill


The latest non-fiction book from Leisa Stewart-Sharpe is IN. She’s teamed up with talented illustrator Lydia Hill and the team at Templar Books, to create a this wonderfully inspiring, meticulously researched tome – What A Wonderful World.

Lydia and Leisa marvel at our wonderful world, and, most importantly showcase a fabulous range of Earth Shakers. Organised by region, the tour covers jungles and oceans, deserts and grasslands, and more! In each region the reader is introduced to a variety of Earth Shakers who are all playing their part, large and small, in making the world a better place. Love this! Discover Erich Hoyt saving orcas in Canada, student Poorva Shrivastava leading the way for clean water, Sarah-Louise Adams saving frogs in Montserrat and… well, you really need to dive in to discover more!


Inspirational, without being preachy, What A Wonderful World hits the spot perfectly. Leisa and Lydia introduce us to a diverse range of talented and determined people, young and old, from across the globe. For most of them… all it took was one idea, and then the courage to act upon that idea. Leisa has interviewed SO many people, and really gets to the heart of what they do and why.

This is what I feel many young people will take away from this book – that there are MANY, MANY ways to make a difference.


Cleverly organised, with a useable glossary and a section encouraging further research, this has been perfectly designed for use in the classroom – a very effective tool for information gathering, for inspiration, for enjoyment.

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