Vicky Woodgate: Author & Illustrator Interview

MagicSeasonsVicky Woodgate’s latest non-fiction book, The Magic of Seasons is out. Sarah Broadley had a sneak peek…

Did you know there’s a winter hair freezing competition held every year in Canada? And every summer in Morrocco, goats climb the Argan trees to eat the fruit – up to ten metres high!

Follow Mimi cat’s antics on every page as she takes us on on an amazing adventure into seasons, weather, animal migration and so much more.

Vicky Woodgate’s astounding facts and attention to detail nestled among the striking illustrations, will have readers of all ages desperate to turn the page to find out more. A fantastic picture book filled with interesting facts about our world. A joy to read!

Sounds perfect… and so we asked Vicky Woodgate to pop in, and tackle My Book Corner’s questions. Grab a cuppa, enjoy!


Tell us about you in 25 words or less.

I’m obsessed with animals and cats, I love to draw and write, and have spent most of my life doodling, creating, travelling and being silly.

Your latest non-fiction book, The Magic of Seasons has had a great response. Can you tell us a little bit about how it came to be?

This is the follow up to The Magic of Sleep. We wanted to create another subject within the framework of the first book with Mimi Cat, the character who is our journey guide. With so many people spending so much time at home the last few years it’s been a great opportunity to notice our seasons- our lives before were so fast paced, time just zipped by, as did our seasonal changes. It seemed a great idea to just stop and to delve into this magical world and wow did we dig up some GREAT stuff!

Ok, here’s a challenge… can you sum up your book in five words? [runs and hides!]

Facts, Fun, Cats, Quizzes, Nature.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Yoga, breakfast, cup of tea, social media, another tea, start writing, or drawing, or plotting out my latest book, cake and tea of course. A walk, lunch, repeat… with the odd zoom meeting. I will be going back to my studio in Brighton soon after a bit of a break – so that also involves lots of tea, cake and the added bonus of CHATTING, and work of course!!

What makes you happy?

Walking in the countryside, spotting wildlife – in all weathers and seasons I might add with a flask of hot chocolate, some cake (there’s a theme here) and my trusty bins (binoculars).

What’s on your TBR pile at the moment?

Save Our Species by Dominic Couzens, illustrated by Sarah Edmonds. White Fox by Chen Jiatong. Wintering by Katherine May.  Everyday Nature by Andy Beer. Rewild your Garden by Frances Tophill.

What’s your worst habit?

Jigging my leg so much all my pencils fall off my desk, it really annoys my partner – oh and prognosticating like all creatives J

Your favourite word(s)?

Cornucopia – because it sounds like either something on your foot or an exotic ancient land – but is really a goats horn full of fruit and veg and can be used to describe abundance – ooh I like abundance too….

What are your top tips for budding writers and illustrators?

Keep creating and work on your passions, do what you want to do not what you think others want. Follow people you admire and do your research before you submit anything.

Is there anything that’s surprised you about the publishing process?

How slow it can be – then suddenly speed up and before you know it your deadline is imminent! Plus, just how many people are involved behind the scenes to get the book produced.

Can you give us a glimpse / hint at your current WIP? (I can bribe you with cake!)

There is a cat in it! That’s all I can say ….

Did we forget anything?


Just for fun

Tea or coffee?


Paper books or e-books?


Cake or chocolate?

Chocolate, ha not really – cake.

Write or type?


Poetry or prose?


Hot or cold?



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