Uncle Pete and the Boy Who Couldn’t Sleep by David C Flanagan & Will Hughes

Uncle Pete and the Boy Who Couldn't Sleep

When Uncle Pete returns home after after exploring far away lands, the bustling town he’d left many years before was now filled with very sleepy people.

Harry didn’t sleep. Ever. All the people around him tried everything to help him nod off but it was no use. They were all exhausted. Except Harry. He just couldn’t sleep.

Uncle Pete knew just the man to help. Clambering aboard his rusty plane with his mouse sidekick called T.M (Tiny Mouse) they hatch a plan to help sleepless Harry. With only one wheel, jam sandwiches and cheese to keep them going, they finally scramble into the air. Their destination? To seek advice from the magical Mr Nimbus. T. Weaver.

Parachuting down into a dark and mysterious land, they reach Mr Weaver’s castle. He owns a very special sheep. Creating a blanket from the magical wool, Uncle Pete and T.M, race home to Harry in a borrowed ship made of clouds. A turbulent journey through the night sky beckons with only luck and a sprinkle of stardust on their side.

Can Uncle Pete and T.M make it back to Harry? Will the dark stormy night tear their makeshift ship apart? More importantly, will Harry FINALLY get some sleep?

Remember, anything is possible.

David C Flanagan’s rip-roaring, fantastic story, brings Harry’s plight to life for young readers and beyond. With characters like Uncle Pete, T.M and Mr Weaver, there’s no shortage of laughs as you join the intrepid explorers on a wonderful adventure. The illustrations by Will Hughes are reminiscent of Quentin Blake and add even more humour to the story as they depict their escapades through the chapters. A brilliant tale of adversity against all odds with some stardust thrown in for good measure.

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