Trouble - Non Pratt

Trouble from UK author Non Pratt is a powerfully brilliant new YA novel.

Refreshingly honest, with realistic dialogue and scenes Trouble is a novel that I thoroughly enjoyed reading this week.

The narrative focuses on the lives of fifteen year old Hannah and Aaron – with their respective social groups becoming a key focus too. The narrative switches between Hannah and Aaron’s characters, highlighting Pratt’s key strength.

Her ability to capture honest, realistic teenage voices resonates throughout Trouble, creating a strong novel that pulls the reader into the lives of her protagonists.

Aaron is new to the school, his reasons for moving into the area are a source of speculation for which the author provides numerous hints to build anticipation. Aaron’s character is a fascinating one, with intriguing complexities.

Aaron’s friendship with Hannah grows as he begins to see through the social persona she has created for herself, and as a consequence Hannah is able to let her guard down a little.

Hannah’s pregnancy is captured with searing honesty by Non Pratt, and provides a test for the newly formed friendship … Aaron steps in and claims to be the father, in order to protect Hannah.

Trouble has a fast moving plot, and is the only novel that has made me gasp out loud … urm, for all the right reasons I might add!

Pratt deftly combines humour and realism within the pages ofTrouble, realistic voices and intriguing characters … what are you waiting for?!


Non Pratt
Walker Books

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