Together We Can by Caryl Hart and Ali Pye


Together We Can by Caryl Hart and Ali Pye is SUCH an uplifting celebration of making friends and being kind. It’s full of joy and colour, with a rhyming and bouncy text punctuated by the lovely refrain:

‘All over the world and from since time began
we show every day that…
Together We Can!’

Ali Pye’s illustrations are just brimming with detail – the children are full of character and there are plenty of animals throughout to spot too.

Together We Can celebrates all the very important activities involved in friendship: ‘A friend might help out when your class work is tricky… or scratch your right ear if your hands are all sticky!’ It also reminds children that they needn’t be alike – in looks or in character – to be great friends.

For those on the shy side the book encourages them to give it a go and make a new friend – ask someone their name, invite them to tea, or even bake cupcakes. But equally it stresses that there are ways to involve others who are left out or in need of help.

The world sorely needs more empathy and kindness – and more books like this!


Caryl Hart
Ali Pye

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