Toby And The Ice Giants

tobyicegiantsToby and The Ice Giants is a gorgeous, highly illustrated offering from Flying Eye Picture Books.

Joe Lillington has blended fiction and non-fiction to present an enthralling Ice Age adventure, bringing this intriguing era back to life for little readers.

‘Toby the bison lived in the Ice Age, tundra, a vast and cold grassland. One day, he decided he wanted to go out and meet the humongous Ice Giants.’

Toby bumps into various animals along the way, having a little conversation with each one. At the side of each page, Lillington provides really useful information. We are told the size, weight, diet habitat and died out facts for each animal before Lillington gives individual snippets of quirky details. Each animal Toby encounters is compared to a modern-day animal, giving little readers a very valuable point of reference to really aid their learning. In all, nine creatures are presented in detail, with a further nine identified in the closing pages. A final page describes how scientists believe the Ice Age ended before readers then come across a very accessible glossary.

A real feature is that glorious map ‘Earth, 15,000 years ago’ tucked inside the front cover, along with that fabulous height chart so you can compare your own height to that of those glorious creatures.

Lillington’s illustrations? Featuring a wonderful muted palate they really are quite atmospheric. The sketch-like quality to them provides each animal with an intriguing energy, which really helps to bring history to life.

Toby and The Ice Giants is going to be an invaluable resource for learning about the Ice Age.

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