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Titanic Unclassified - My Book CornerTitanic Unclassified is an exciting historical guide presented in an easier to digest manner

Titanic Unclassified by Alex Stewart captures the elegance that this magnificent ship created. The hopes and dreams it represented to the many people on board are reflected through the records of some of those travelling, from Margaret Brown to the Goodwin family. Sidney Goodwin, aged 19 month, was the youngest victim.
Titanic Unclassifed begins with an outline of what happened, then leaps back to the beginning tracing the brains and aspirations behind the original design and charting its build. Across each double page the reader is taken step by step through the events of that night as they unfolded – from initial warnings to the welcome rescue of some by The Carpathia. Alex Stewart then takes us through the inquiry that was held in the aftermath and finishes with the discovery of The Titanic some 73 years later in 1985.
The final pages of this book give eager young historians directions to some great resources full of even more information to be absorbed.

The blend of photographs, artefacts, paintings and a variety of original documents mean Titanic Unclassified is truly able to provide a most comprehensive guide to a much talked about tragedy.


Alex Stewart

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