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Through Time Olympics is an absorbing guide to the highlights of the Olympics over the years. Not afraid to talk about controversy Richard Platt presents a fresh and enjoyable approach.

This gorgeously thick book is a visual feast. Each double page works through the different venues of the Olympic Games from Paris 1900 to London 2012. Each page also takes a different sport as its focus as well as providing some back ground information on the venue and some highlights from the year in the spotlight. This is a chance to experience some unique sporting moments such as Mary Lou Retton’s perfect 10 for gymnastics at the young age of 16 and Tommie Smith’s stand against racism at Mexico City, 1968.

The detailed illustrations from Manuela Cappon provide a host of information in their own right. Pour over the details of the London Games which presents a cross section of the Aquatics Centre and a closer look at the unique Orbit Tower.

The narrative style of award winning Richard Platt works wonderfully in this format, his information being useful, relevant and interesting.


Richard Platt
Manuela Cappon

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