This Rock, That Rock by Dom Conlon & Viviane Schwarz


What goes on up there in the darkness, high above our heads? Have you ever caught the movement of meteors and stars when searching the night sky? What do you know about other planets? Or what Earth will become if we keep dropping litter and polluting our seas?

This Rock, That Rock is a brilliant compilation of fabulous poems, haikus and stories that will rock your world (and outer space too!). Every page is filled with a plethora of imaginative poetry and prose that will enthrall children of all ages.

“..If you took all the other planets in our solar system, they would fit in the space between Earth and the Moon…” (from Buckle Up).

Quietly Remarkable (a poem about the effect the moon has on us and how it sees itself to others) and Trickster Moon (a fantastic poem about climate change and how the Earth could retaliate against the humans that live there) are just two of the remarkable masterpieces expertly crafted by Dom Conlon. His magical words will transport you to worlds you didn’t know existed, providing the reader with facts and information in verse and prose form along the way. With Viviane Schwarz illustrating his stories about the places we can only dream of, this is a must-read for any class, school, budding astronaut and/or astrologer who looks up once in a while to see what’s going on beyond what the naked eye can see.


Dom Conlon
Viviane Schwarz
Troika Books

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