This Is My Rock

This Is My RockThis Is My Rock, a Flying Eye book by David Lucas, is a fantastic example of pictures and words working concisely together.

It has a beautiful to touch, multimedia cover and sumptuous quality pages. Each spread brings with it a unique visual treat. David Lucas’s distinctive art work stands out from the crowd with its gorgeously appealing palette and design.

“This is my rock.” proclaims a little goat. “Not your rock.”

He won’t share his rock with anyone else. Eventually, all the animals get the hint and leave the goat in peace on his rock.

But soon, boredom and hunger come knocking. Then coldness and loneliness drop by. Having the rock all to himself turns out to be much less exciting than this little goat must have imagined…

With its pink sun, abundance of beautiful animals, some “Yodel-odel-odel- odelay-hee-hoo!”, and a funny twist ending; what’s not to love about David Lucas’s, This Is My Rock?!

A timeless story about sharing, beautifully told.


David Lucas
David Lucas
Flying Eye Books

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