The Viking Who Liked Icing from Lu Fraser & Mark McKinley


Nut isn’t like the other Vikings, and especially not his sister, Leaf. Unlike Leaf, Nut doesn’t climb hills or swim icy lakes.

However, he does have one great passion – Nut LOVES to bake cakes!

When Viking Sports’ Day comes round well, poor Nut experiences ALL THE FEELINGS, that many of us feel over Sports’ Day. Poor Nut. Never fear… acceptance is the theme of this story, and it all ends beautifully.

The Viking Who Liked Icing is a gorgeous, rhyming tale about two siblings with different personalities. A tale about having the courage to follow your dreams, your ambitions, and all that makes you… you!

Loved the Viking theme and Mark McKinley’s joy-filled artwork.

Filled with warmth and sprinkles – what more could you want?!


Lu Fraser
Mark McKinley

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