The Unmorrow Curse by Jasmine Richards


Cover: Pypah Santos

If you passed through the town of Crowmarsh, you’d presume it was a nice quiet place to live, where nothing out of the ordinary happens. You’d be wrong.

Friday 13th is a day that some believe is filled with bad luck. For Zach ‘Buzz’ Buzzard this is definitely the case. With his mum going missing on the same day last year, his phone grabbed by an unruly classmate and dropped down the loo this year, it was looking like another troublesome day once again – he couldn’t wait for Saturday to come.

When new girl, Mari, arrives at school they are both drawn to Tangley Woods. Mischief and mayhem are at the stories Mari tells him about the Gods of old, whispers of Loki and Odin seep into his mind and it’s not long until his imagination gets the better of him – or does it?

Kira Bright, a local weathergirl, has gone missing, baffling the police and the town alike. So when Buzz hears her voice calling for help in the woods, he runs to her aid only to be met with a mystical tree that has her trapped within. Sunna, the Norse Goddess of the sun has other plans for Kira. A dragon drags her below into another world and there is nothing Buzz can do to save her. His quest has begun, will he accept the challenge?

Time. The device that rules movement and worlds that are only visible to those that truly believe. When Buzz suddenly begins to re-live each Saturday over and over again the unmorrow curse takes over. He questions everything as he catches glimpses of his future with each re-set and learns to use his advance knowledge of events to change his future day. But at what cost? Mari and Buzz must find the Runes of Valhalla and awaken the day guardians before Loki gets to them first!

Is his mind playing tricks on him? Will he ever stop reliving the same day over and over? Is Mari who she really says she is? Is his mum really coming home or is it all an illusion, spun by Loki himself?

Jasmine Richards will have you on the edge of your seat as you follow Buzz at every crossroad of his journey through time. The friendships, the strained relationship with his dad and the losses along the way will have you devouring this amazing novel in one go. A truly thrilling adventure with a stand-out cover by cover by Pypah Santos and interior illustrations by Jill Tytherleigh that add to the already tense atmosphere throughout.


Jill Tytherleigh
UCLan Publishing

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