The Ultimate Guide to Growing Dragons by Andy Shepherd & Sara Ogilvie



‘Just keep your eyes open and some oven gloves and water pistols handy and you’ll be fine.’

Oooo now this is a super clever idea for a book. Seamlessly blending nonfiction and narrative styles, Andy Shepherd brings us The Ultimate Guide to Growing Dragons, with gorgeous illustrations throughout from Sara Ogilvie.

Tomas has had a GREAT idea – it even woke him up. So, he just knew he had to follow it through. He’s decided to put all that he has learnt about dragons over the years, and compile one lovely guide, covering EVERYthing. I love how Andy Shepherd shows the collaborative nature of his venture – Tomas’s friends may be in various countries for various reasons but, with a nod to the situation of many, this fabulous book shows how they can still stay in touch, and chat and swap great ideas.

Similarly, Tomas collaborates and shares his idea with his Grandad. Of course. I really enjoyed that this guide highlights that some history, even though it has been recorded in one particularly way, can still be questioned. That there can still be inaccuracies, so important to acknowledge.

Weaved in between Tomas’s growing guide is a narrative filled with recollections and his sister Lolli’s own dragon experience. Filled with heart, warmth and dragon-shaped charm – this is a most exciting addition to an enchanting series.

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