The Treasure Hunt by Leisa Stewart-Sharpe & Gordy Wright


No one puts the fun in Non Fiction quite like Leisa Stewart-Sharpe and her latest book – The Treasure Hunt – is no exception.

Leisa’s engaging and witty writing puts the reader on the stage as they trace and chase the histories of treasures lost, stolen and found on an epic adventure around the world, following the breadcrumb trail left by a notorious pirate!



Gordy Wright’s richly-detailed illustrations are filled with inviting colour and clues, highlighting the codes to crack, maps to unmuddle, and runes to read as you go deeper into the mysteries.  But luckily your friends Saksham and Zuri are on hand to help. And with art heists, jewel robberies, and even the theft of a whole room to investigate, you’re going to need them.




But don’t worry, the creators have thought of everything and there are puzzle-solving hints at the back of the book, too, along with activities budding treasure hunters can engage in themselves – such as orienteering, metal detecting and geocaching.


This title is an utterly fascinating dive into the history of treasures, and the lengths people will go to to get them!



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