The Trapdoor Mysteries – The Scent of Danger by Abie Longstaff


Abie Longstaff has written another fun, exciting and gently mysterious story in her Trapdoor Mysteries series. This one sees the main character, Tally (a great name!), investigating why so many different animals are going missing in the village where she lives.

And, in the big manor estate where she works as a maid (and tormented by the horrible, lazy housekeeper Mrs Sneed), when Lady Beatrice asks for a puppy and the little dog goes missing too…Tally springs into action.

This book is very accessible, light-hearted and aimed at below middle-grade age. The mystery about the missing animals isn’t too scary, and the book is filled with lots of imaginative things such as a secret, underground library, tunnels, caves, magic stepladders…and a big, big secret of how Tally’s mother disappeared one day over the side of the manor cliff edge.

This is an ideal series for very young readers just getting into mystery stories – really good action-packed fun!

Our fabulous Anthony Burt will be hosting the Childrens’ Imagination Lab at  the Edinburgh International Book Festival 2019.  Each Tuesday over the summer, he’ll be highlighting a great book whose author/illustrator will be appearing at the festival. How exciting is that? Sign up to ensure you don’t miss out!  You’ve already missed: Rebel Cats and Tooth Fairy in Training. Oops!


Abie Longstaff
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