The Thing At Black Hole Lake by Dashe Roberts


YES! It’s here! The next instalment, shining a light on the VERY strange goings-on at Sticky Pines.

The Thing At Black Hole Lake sees Milo Fisher come to the forefront after a strange encounter with something very strange lurking at the bottom of Black Hole Lake.

He needs to get investigating QUICK, if only he was still friends with Lucy – she’d LOVE this. A real investigation, strange creatures and juicy mystery just waiting to be solved.

Dashe Robert’s brilliantly witty and funny narrative takes her readers on a non-stop adventure as both Milo and Lucy separately investigate the continued odd behaviour in and around Sticky Pines. I loved seeing how both these characters developed, and I loved the gripping, plot twists.

With the perfect blend of witty dialogue, creepy mysteries and spine-tingling adventures The Thing At Black Hole Lake was everything I hoped it would be!




Dashe Roberts
Bill Bragg: Cover Artwork
Nosy Crow

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