The Ten Riddle of Eartha Quicksmith by Loris Owen


Wow, what a book this is! I was in a bit of a reading slump then this popped through the letterbox and rescued me! Full of drama, suspense, emotion and mystery it will have you gripped until the very last page. The first in a series by debut author Loris Owen, Ten Riddles is sure to be a huge hit with its target MG audience and beyond.

Kip Bramley is offered a scholarship to attend the rather unusual Quicksmith’s College of Strange Energies. Strange energies are deep and rare, not the usual energies found in everyday life like light or heat. So of course, the study of rare energies needs a rare and unusual college. A College in a parallel universe, accessible only via a wormhole hidden in a photo booth in the Undersea Emporium at 88a Helix avenue, London. College selection is based on student’s ability to ‘feel’ these strange energies or power. Kip’s special gift, he discovers, is that the doodles (squirls) he sees, visualises and draws are an ultra-strange aeon light.

Once at Quicksmith’s, Kip forms a close friendship with fellow students Albert, Leela and Timmi. Together they embark on the ‘ten riddles, ten days’ challenge left in the will of the late, great Doctor Eartha Quicksmith. Eartha disappeared 400 years ago and left a letter to be opened on a particular day in the future. Quicksmith had looked into her futurescope and spotted glimpses of her inventions being used selfishly and to disastrous effect. Everytime one of the ten riddles is solved, the future is changed. By solving all ten, the students have the chance to find Dr Quicksmith’s Ark of Ideas and avoid the impending disaster.

Loris Owen writes in such a way that you feel you really are at school with Kip and his gang, solving mysteries, battling bullies and fussing over their animal companions. The science references are interesting and the plot is almost believable in a very unbelievable world! The story is fast paced and really keeps you on the edge of your seat. It certainly had me telling everyone about it – at work, home, anyone I spoke to was told about this fantastic book I was reading!

So, if you think you’re ready to begin your Quicksmith’s journey, visit where you can grab a taster of Kip’s world by reading the first chapter. You can thank me later!


Loris Owen
Firefly Press

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