The Tall Man and the Small Mouse written by Mara Bergman, illustrated by Birgitta Sif

tallmanandthesmallmouseIn my experience, mice are usually in the jaws of my cat in my bedroom or at the very least her plaything, being tossed in the air like a hot crumpet. They are neither as useful to me or as adorable as the little mouse in this quaint rhyming story about the blossoming unlikely friendship between a tall man, and a small mouse, who just happen to live in the same house, living separate lives.

They go about their daily business, the tall man doing “tall things that needed doing” and the small mouse who, at night creeps around “to do small things that needed doing”. But one day, the big town clock stops working, and the tall man needs some tiny help… turns out the little mouse has just the skills and small ‘tools’ to lend a helping hand. Can they fix the clock?

Birgitta Sif’s soft, hazy pastel illustrations bring a sense of warm fuzziness to the story and are soothing on a tired eye, making this a lovely bedtime read. I love rhyming stories too, so this is perfect for reading out loud.

The message in The Tall Man and the Small Mouse is that teamwork makes the dream work, no matter how different you are. It’s also a nice reminder that companionship can be found in the most unexpected places. I wish the mice in my house were more like the small mouse…#mousegoals


Mara Bergman
Birgitta Sif
Walker Books

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