The Super Miraculous Journey of Freddie Yates by Jenny Pearson & Rob Biddulph


This hilarious rib-tickling debut from Jenny Pearson & Rob Biddulph is a book that takes you on an emotional rollercoaster, lots of giggles, fun and laughs but a sprinkling of grief, sadness and frustration too. All dealt with in a comical but cleverly heart-warming and sensitive manner.

Pearson’s easy to read, lucid prose will appeal to those middle grade readers who enjoy a funny book, one splattered with situations they will be able to relate to. Freddie and his chums, Ben and Charles, are your everyday kids who find themselves embarking on a not so everyday adventure – an adventure that gets more and more surprising the closer they get to their destination! There is no way you can predict what will happen from one chapter to the next – this really is a book that keeps you guessing and turning those pages!
Freddie is in search of his biological father. A letter from his late Grandma (with his birth certificate enclosed) informs him of his father’s name and from there on an eventful search ensues. Along with his close pals, Freddie heads for Wales, on a journey littered with bloopers and slip-ups, onion eating, super hero costumes, expensive rings, a criminal gang and much more!

Rob Biddulph’s comical illustrations perfectly complement this entertaining laugh-out-loud story. If you like a belly-giggling adventure then this is for you!

Read about Jenny Pearson’s Journey to Publication here.


Jenny Pearson
Rob Biddulph

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