The Stone of Destiny by Caroline Logan


Most nights when the moon sits high in the darkening sky, Ailsa dreams of the strange being that follows her every move. The dark force consumes her every thought as she tries to rest and visions of it haunt her throughout the day. There is no escape from its menace.

She doesn’t believe in Faerie tales. Not any more.

Ashamed of the mark that covers her face, Ailsa lives alone. Shut away from her village, her survival skills keep her alive, her fight to remain on this earth strong even though she has no family or friends to speak of.

Ailsa struggles with her identity, the girl behind the facade she has created for herself. A brave fighter she may be, but what about love and friendship, will she ever truly feel that she belongs? Will the dark entity reach her before she can fulfill her destiny?

When selkies, Harris and Iona, land on her beach amid a flurry of raiders on the look out for their next catch, Ailsa saves them from their fate and reluctantly agrees to accompany them back to their home – Eilanmor. It’s not long before their royal connection is revealed and they embrace her friendship as they wait for the next King to be crowned.

Legend has it that The Stone of Destiny is the true power behind the king’s that are crowned on it. Can she find it before the next coronation? Or will the next to be crowned have a life of fear and anguish without its protection?

The powerful Faerie queen has the stone and Ailsa in her sight, but which dark enemy will find her first?

Caroline Logan has a fantastic way of enticing the reader into the magical realm of Ailsa’s world with intrigue and drama on every page turn. A stunning debut for every fantasy book lover.

The Stone of Destiny is another brilliant read from publisher Cranachan’s YA Gob Stopper imprint and an excellent debut from Caroline Logan.


Caroline Logan
Cranachan Publishing

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