The Siege Of Caerlaverock by Barbara Henderson & Sandra McGowan

The Siege of Caerlaverock

It’s the year 1300, 12 year-old Ada’s life is in danger from powerful enemies, especially those within her home of Caerlaverock Castle. While a battle rages on between King Edward’s men and the small number of loyal soldiers standing firm to defend Caerlaverock from the clutches of the King, Ada is well aware that time is running out to convince Lady Maxwell that her Castle Commander, Brian De Berclay. is not the loyal servant she thinks he is.

With Lord Maxwell away, it falls to Lady Maxwell to strategise and plan a victory over King Edward’s men but it soon becomes apparent that her small army cannot match the hundreds that line the castle’s perimeter with no intention of retreating – surrender is imminent.

Ada tries everything in her power to stop the Commander stealing from his mistress and help the Maxwell’s protect their ancestral home. Her unending bravery and courage shine through as she battles not only her inner-fears should De Berclay get rid of her once and for all, but also the literal collapse of the place she calls home.

Can Ada and 8 year-old squire-in-training, Godfrey, spoil De Berclay’s plans and save the Caerlaverock treasure before it’s gone forever? There’s only one way to find out…

As ever, Barbara Henderson’s fantastic story-telling comes to the fore as she takes the reader on a tense, edge-of-your-seat chapter by chapter look into Ada’s world. With exquisite illustrations by Sandra McGowan this is another fine addition to my Barbara Henderson historical fiction collection!

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Barbara Henderson
Sandra McGowan
Cranachan Publishing

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