The Rig

The Rig - Joe Ducie

It’s here – the novel that attracted the attention of The Guardian’s Julia Eccleshare, author Elen Caldecott AND Hot Key Books publisher Emily Thomas.

Joe Ducie won the 2012 Guardian Hot Key Books Young Writers Prize for The Rig.

A page turner of a novel, The Rig features fifteen year old Will Drake who has been sent to a most unusual high security prison.

The fact that it is on a disused oil rig in the middle of nowhere is just the start its unusual characteristics …

It soon becomes clear that Will has a bit of a reputation. He doesn’t let a little thing like being locked up stop him from, well, escaping.

So now he is in the middle of the sea … that just represents a challenge to be faced right?

Will is facing the biggest challenge as the rig begins to reveal its secrets – disappearances, preferential treatment of inmate Alan Grey and those eerie glowing lights.

Drake, the complex male character, is an intriguing protagonist in this successful action packed novel.

I loved how Ducie writing races to the conclusion. The pace, the narrative, are cleverly crafted to build fabulous tension as the action increases in scenes that could easily be converted into a block buster movie.

Joe Ducie’s The Rig has established him as a fresh, energetic new voice on the YA scene.

Read our interview with Joe here.


Joe Ducie
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