The Reluctant Rebel by Barbara Henderson

It’s 1746 and the Battle of Culloden is near its end. Young Archie and his cousin Meg, both too young to fight, watch from afar as each clan falls to the enemy who had appeared as if out of nowhere. The Jacobites defeated, the moor is now eerily silent as they count the cost of fighting for Prince Charles Edward Stuart and the Cause. The unrelenting soldiers seek the Prince, known as The Young Pretender, and they will not stop until they find him – homes and villages are now in danger until Bonnie Prince Charlie has been captured.

Archie runs home to warn the inhabitants of Borrodale just as enemy ships are spotted on the horizon bringing fear and destruction amid the bloodshed. A stable boy, Archie does his best to ensure those he loves are protected now that his father has gone but can he stand up to the soldiers in red that storm the shore? Decoys, daring escapes and fierce battles ensue as Archie and Meg harbour a secret that could change their lives and the future of Scotland forever. Archie’s loyalty is torn between his duty to the Prince and his family. The emotional toll on him weaves its way through this tension-filled historical novel with each chapter read, daring the reader to continue on.

The Reluctant Rebel’ is a tremendous account of what happened on that fateful day in April 1746 on the mist-filled Culloden moors. Barbara Henderson is my go-to author for luring the reader into past events that have shaped the history of Scotland and beyond. Her exemplary research and attention to detail fine tunes every story she tells, getting to the heart of history as we join her relatable characters on their adventure. With a striking cover and beautiful chapter heading images by Sandra McGowan, what a fantastic collaboration between author and illustrator!

Enjoy Barbara Henderson’s Guest Post – Engaging Young Readers – here. 


Barbara Henderson
Sandra McGowan
Cranachan Publishing

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