The Red Dread by Tom Morgan-Jones


Talk about an off-the-wall, surreal and a little bit nuts picture book! This strange, dramatic and close-up picture book is all about the “Red Dread” coming to eat all the animals up. It keeps thumping louder and louder, as it gets closer and closer!

As readers, we are treated to a hyperventilatingly drawn illustrations that look like they were painted with a fast-paced, slightly angry brush that didn’t have time to stay inside any lines when it coloured the characters in.

Tom Morgan-Jones has a blurry, intense style of storytelling and illustrating that is a sensory overload – perfect for toddlers who need some extra-sensory stimulation. What a crazy-beautiful treat of a book!

Our fabulous Anthony Burt will be hosting the Childrens’ Imagination Lab at  the Edinburgh International Book Festival 2019.  Each Tuesday over the summer, he’ll be highlighting a great book whose author/illustrator will be appearing at the festival. How exciting is that? Sign up to ensure you don’t miss out!  You’ve already missed: Rebel Cats, Tooth Fairy in Training  Trapdoor Mysteries and The Pawed Piper. Oops!


Tom Morgan-Jones
Tom Morgan-Jones
Barrington Stoke

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