The Rabbit, the Dark and the Biscuit Tin by Nicola O’Byrne


THE BOSS is back. She reviewed Step Inside Homes Through History, because as she puts it: “I know everything there is to know about Victorians and this book has Victorians in it.”


Today’s book touches on another expert subject area for THE BOSS.


“I loooooove having choc chip ones. And the custard cream ones. Well, and also, there’s iced rings that taste like SUGARRRRR. Lots of sugar getting shoved in my mouth.”

See. Biscuit expert. Lots of crumbs.

Here’s what THE BOSS had to say about this gorgeous new picture book from Nicola O’Byrne and the Nosy Crow peeps… “This is a book about going to sleep. But some people don’t want to go to sleep at all. This book will make them sleepy. It’s so beautiful and so fascinating.”

Interestingly, the story gently weaves in facts from the natural world, which THE BOSS loved… “I learnt that some animals are nocturnal like owls, foxes and bats. And if there’s too much sunlight, some plants might die.”

On the illustrations… “The grey rabbit is SO cute. He has a little pink nose, is furry and has little white feet. Also, this book’s amazing because there’s a ginormous flap that whooshes and whooshes with stars.”

There truly is a lovely bit of paper engineering at the back, that’s still utterly wonderful after countless reads.

As for the Dark, the book’s other key character… “I like the Dark because at Christmas night, if you’re lucky, the Dark comes and you’ll spot Santa.”

(A six-year-old’s world revolves around Santa, even in February.)

As is THE BOSS’ way, she’s given ‘The Rabbit the Dark and the Biscuit Tin’ a score: “Whoever wrote this book I want to say yippee. I score this 500 out of 6 million. It’s good. I like it.”

Out of the mouth of babes – and you can’t argue with that.


Nicola O'Byrne
Nicola O'Byrne
Nosy Crow

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