The Perfect Fit by Naomi Jones and James Jones


The Perfect Fit from Naomi Jones and James Jones is one of those glorious picture books, which, at first glance appears deceptively simple. Yet. Like all great picture books… there is much to discover. There are plenty of layers to this gorgeous story about fitting in – by being true to yourself.

Triangle LOVES playing with the circles. But, they feel so despondent when their sharp edges get in the way. It goes well with the squares for a while… but that tottering tower didn’t work out so great. The circles don’t mind. The squares definitely don’t mind. But…

Triangle does mind.


Triangle wants to feel useful and to feel that they belong.

With an exploration of more shapes, including hexagons and even stars, Triangle really does go through quite the journey – especially when they go on a search to find other triangles.

The bright, beautifully compiled illustrations keep this light without ignoring the message that’s being conveyed. The quirky pieces of dialogue from the other shapes, keep the story lively and engaging for little readers and listeners.

The Perfect Fit is a wonderful exploration of shapes and confidence. In order to fit… you don’t need to be the same x


Naomi Jones
James Jones
Oxford University Press

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