The Orphans of St. Halibut’s by Sophie Wills & David Tazzyman


Welcome to The Orphans of St Halibut’s you are opening the page to a fabulous debut chapter book – a devilish mix of A Series of Unfortunate Events (there are a few sticky ends at the beginning!). a clever goat, a dodgy bakery and some dastardly villains. But none are a match for the eclectic mix of orphans from St. Halibut’s. Definitely not.

Tig, Stich and Herc need to make sure that NO-ONE finds out about the death (oops!) of the Miss Happyday the uncaring matron of the orphanage. That’s ok… they can just carry on as normal, can’t they? No one from the town of Sad Sack takes much notice of them any way.


there’s an impending visit from DEATH (Dept for Education, Assimilation, Training and Health) and they are known for going through things with a fine tooth comb. How will the three of them pull the wool over his eyes.


what’s going on with that stash of cash they’ve found under Miss Happyday’s bed. And what has the evil governer of the Sad Sack Mending House been up to? The place where no kid emerges alive! Yikes!

Sophie Wills has penned a super fast-paced, super-witty, super-clever tale with wicked twists and turns AND a brilliant bunch of characters – you’ll be cheering on the underdogs and booing villains. And just LOOOOOK at David Tazzyman’s illustrations…


Psst: we’ve got a fab goat-themed post from Sophie coming up soon. Our lucky subscribers will get to see it first!


Sophie Wills
David Tazzyman

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