The Nothing To See Here Hotel

nothingtoseeherehotelFrankie Banister and his parents run a hotel in Brighton which has been in the family for over 100 hundred years. All good so far. Except that Frankie’s family actively discourage many visitors… they even post terrible reviews of the hotel to ensure that people are not tempted to book.

This is no ordinary hotel – this is a hotel for magical creatures.

The Nothing To See Here Hotel is the creation of Steven Butler and Steven Lenton – a fabulous start to a brand new series of illustrated chapter books.

Frankie is the fabulous narrator who takes us around the hotel, introducing us to an array of odd ball characters including his very own Granny Regurgita – a very old troll, who is incredibly grumpy.

One dark and stormy night, a raven messenger arrives via the Sky Door carrying a goblin who has a very important message, ragarding a very important visitor. The arrival of goblin prince Grogbah sends the hotel into a complete spin, the reputation of the hotel depends on his visit being successful – but all is not what it seems with the pompous goblin…

I loved all the magical details of the hotel – the spells that protect it from unwanted pedestrians, the grand reception hall and the towering towers.

Butler’s narrative is fast paced, full of character and humorous detail as Frankie embarks on a hairy adventure. Lenton’s black and white illustrations of the characters in particular are full of energy, giving life to the quirky characters.

The Nothing To See Here Hotel is wonderfully funny and brilliantly bonkers.  Can’t wait for the second one in the series!


Steven Butler
Steven Lenton
Simon & Schuster

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