The Nicest Girl by Sophie Jo


Anna Campbell is the one everyone goes to in their hour of need. Boyfriend bother, annoying parents, needy friends – they all count on her, no matter what. But what about Anna, when does she get some time to navigate her world if she’s always putting other people first?

When Anna is tasked with helping new pupil Ryan settle in to school-life, cracks begin to appear in the role she’s somehow carved for herself in everyone’s lives. An unwanted baby sitting job, a dad who is too busy with work and a best friend who never asks her how she’s doing and expects her to drop everything, are just the tip of the iceberg.

What would happen if she said no once in a while? Would the earth crumble beneath her feet? Would her friendships cease and no one would ever talk to her ever again? There’s only one way to find out…

With the help of new friends, frank conversations and stepping out of her comfort zone, Anna decides to change her way of life for the better. One NO at a time.

One word, two letters, so many opportunities. Where is line between nice and too nice?

Author, Sophie Jo, has created a fantastic story about juggling school, friendships and accountability for actions in the young adult world. Toxic relationships can make or break a friendship group and honesty must prevail if they’re to remain intact, especially in the final years of high school. This is a fantastic example of the dynamics found in the corridors of busy schools that sit alongside the trials and tribulations of unsettled family life. A true and realistic depiction of teenage years – superb!


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