The Nameless by Stuart White


…How far would you go to find out your name?…

Imagine a life where you’re known only by a number. Some digits given to you by a higher power that considers you a stain on its world. After all, they only want perfection, in-sync gene pools and flawlessness so where does that leave sixteen-year-old E820927, known as Seven? He knows that he is worth more than a collection of numbers and he will stop at nothing to be accepted in society with an identity that doesn’t condemn him to a life full of fear and anger.

In order for him to become a member of the Realm, his loyalty must be put to the test as his faithfulness and obedience are questioned over and over in a grueling battle of wits and bravery against the regime. Is he willing to follow the rules created by the Autokratōr? Does he have what it takes to make it as named rather than nameless? Who must he hurt in the process of finding his freedom?
Stuart White’s debut YA ‘The Nameless’ with a fantastic cover by Tom Sanderson has been likened to The Hunger Games, The Last of Us and more, and I agree wholeheartedly. A truly brilliant delve into the psyche and empathy that flows within us all in times of desperate need. It’s published by Penobi Press and makes its epic way into the world on Wednesday 30th August 2023.

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